The Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency provides the services required for assessment of Nigeria’s surface and ground water resources in terms of quantity, quality, distribution and availability in terms and space for efficient and sustainable management of water resources. Consequently, the Agency operates and maintains hydrological stations nationwide and also carries out ground water exploration and monitoring using various scientific technics in order to provide hydrogeological data needed for proper planning, design, execution and management of water resources and allied projects.


Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency has a number of specialized projects/programmes fashioned towards monitoring and assessment of the water resources of the country for sustainable development.


Nigeria has 273 stations out of a minimum network of 482 hydrometric river gauging stations recommended by the WMO. Most of the available stations are manual with conventional facilities while twenty-seven (27) are automated. This programme aims at attaining the optimum number of stations for the country and upgrading already existing ones with automatic Data Collection Platforms (DCPs).

Through this programme, river stage (height) is being observed at a number of hydrological stations equipped with solid state pressure loggers (Orphimedes OTT brand). These are electronic measuring devices which provide continuous real-time measurements with high accuracy.


The main project objective is the production of the Hydrogeological Map of Nigeria on varying scales but most especially on 1:250,000 for the facilitation of the following:

  • Regional overview of groundwater resources availability, quantitatively and qualitatively;
  • Improved water budgeting and conjunctive use of surface and groundwater for domestic, agricultural, industrial and energy purposes thereby promoting food security, good health and poverty alleviation.
  • Prevention of inter-state conflicts arising from shared water both nationally and internationally.
  • The Agency has completed limited collection and collation of water resources data in all the eight (8) hydrological areas of the country.
  • Production of the electronic map of Nigeria showing the Hydrological Areas, States and River Basin Development Authorities boundaries to serve as the base map needed for the project. In addition, arrangements were made to procure other base maps such as geological and topographic maps covering the country.
  • Procurement of computer hardware and software for effective project management.
  • Groundtruthing of some data already collected in all the eight (8) Hydrological areas for the enrichment of the Hydrological Information System (HIS) for the project has been completed. The Agency is now working toward production of the maps to cover the entire country.